Inspire with Fitness

Android, iOS and web application built for all people that have sport as a common passion. It’s purpose is to connect people with similar sport interests.

UI / UX Design iOS Android Web Development

Project description

Fresh startup from Aalborg, Denmark, InWiFit (Inspire with Fitness) aims to connect as many people as possible on their app, where they can share photos, videos, follow other people who have similar sport interests and promote certain products and services that make them better athletes.

In order to accomplish this task, we had to develop a web app, an iOS app and an Android app. The entire project spanned across 8 months and we have managed to successfully implement the features wished by our customer. The apps are now available for free on App Store, Google Play and using the web version.

There are two main target groups for InWiFit. One is athletes and sport enthusiasts and the other is companies or sport instructors who want to promote specific products or services. Here’s where the need for designing and developing for all three mediums presented itself.

The first group needed a rich user experience using mobile apps for quick accessibility and the need to constantly check up novelty. On the other hand, the second group, needed a more comprehensive user experience using a web version of the app for advanced info, analytics and better understanding of the promotion service offered by InWiFit.

User and company registration

To keep it as simple as possible, the process was split into three steps covering the basic info necessary to create an account, selection of interest and customization of the user’s profile. For companies the third step is dedicated for package choice and payment.

Two systems. Same love.

No matter if an user chooses to use iOS or Android, we’ve shown the same love in designing and developing the app. Our goal was to achieve the same user experience using the native elements and patterns established by the recommended guidelines.

Landing page and presentation

Prior to launching the apps, we have designed and developed a landing page for InWiFit in order to present the main features and to showcase a collection of interviews with athletes and sport enthusiasts from around the world.