Who we are

We're driving your business forward with strong products

CROSSMEDIA DESIGN is a beer loving digital creative agency. We are not many, but we’re perfectionists who take pride in coming up with disruptive and immersive digital experiences. We like to design, develop and create meaningful content for those who work with us. On top of that, we treat our work seriously with plenty of laughs and good mood. Pleased to meet you!

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Our values

What makes us stand out

Our vision

We can’t predict future, but we can make sure that our vision points towards it. We’re constantly trying new technologies and we believe that progress is what defines us best.

We're scalable

Something we learned along the way is to adapt our skills when working with small boutiques or large brands. A lot comes down from the quality of the relationship we have during the process.

Quality driven

We take pride in delivering quality-driven products and to ensure details are not forgotten along the way, we don’t complicate small projects and we don’t treat complex tasks with recklessness

Global Reach

We work remotely so we can reach you living anywhere around the world. In fact, we have successful collaborations with brands and companies from Denmark, UK, U.A.E, etc.

We talk

Working with people from different countries has made us appreciate more the importance of communication. The better we understand the needs for each project, the faster we can come up with a solution.

The engine behind

A small, passionate, & powerful team.

We deliver an unmatched working experience for all those who collaborate with us. Claudiu is responsible for daily operations and creative tasks. Cătălin is the engine behind web and mobile projects. Sebastian, the video wizard who will make your products come to life. We value people over profits, quality over quantity and we keep things simple.

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Cătălin Dănăilă


Sebastian Sander


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